Saturday, January 18, 2014

Logical Consequences of the UFO-ET mythology.

We must recognize that isn't easy for the EXO-Fantasists to keep people interested in the UFO=ET mythology. Since these professional ufologists have never anything new to say, victimized by the Nothing Happens Syndrome (NHS), these men and women appeal more and more to the conspiracy theory.
And here we have a logical consequence of their fallacious rhetoric.
If they accept that the ETs are here, and the governments conspire with the scientific establishment to keep this presence secret, then it’s obvious that the Extraterrestrials agree with this cover-up.
If the ET were not into the conspiracy, the obvious thing to do would be to present themselves openly and publicly.
So, logically, these pro-cover up aliens are bad people, right? Or…simply they do not exist and the whole ETH is a big fantasy sold as a fact by unscrupulous individuals.
Why it’s necessary to say and repeat this?
Obviously, because to write and share it, makes more and more difficult for the self-proclaimed “UFO-ET experts” to sell their trivia and nonsense as fact.

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