Monday, November 11, 2013

About Richard Dolan's image changes.

Above we have a Richard Dolan’s video link.
Some readers ask me about the changes they see in Richard, and my answer to some questions about Richard Dolan presumed physiognomic changes, is this one:
Richard is not the young, baby face man, he was. I think that he is just tired and perhaps confronting some personal problems. His obviously whitening beard and hair gives him the look of an older man.
Besides, let’s be honest with ourselves and with our readers.
1) IF Richard Dolan truly believes in the government and scientific establishment cover up for keeping the secret of the ET presence in our Earth; writing ant talking about these “secrets” probably gives him some obvious distress.
2) On the contrary, if Richard Dolan doesn’t believe in the ET presence and the cover up, this secret skepticism also creates uneasiness and embarrassment. See link below please.
3) There is also a third possibility: after some time, rational individuals understand that the whole UFO-ET-hypothesis is an intellectual quagmire. If this is the case, Richard Dolan should do something as soon as possible to save his academic career and personal image.

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