Friday, October 11, 2013

UFO-ET mythology and nervous breakdowns.

In the rarefied ufological subculture, insiders talk about certain nervous breakdowns suffered by self proclaimed experts in extraterrestrial live, cosmic civilizations, cover ups, disclosures and similar fantasies.

In a previous post we described what is called cognitive dissonance.
The internal conflict and eventual breakdown happens when the individual perceives logical contradictions between what he truly believes and what he says. His public discourse becomes self-denial.

Imagine what happens inside the mind of an intelligent, perhaps academic individual who makes a living selling nonsense and fantasies as facts. The big problem here is that he KNOWS this.
Picture the permanent ethical and intellectual crisis of a man or woman who knows that he/she is living in a fantastic world which has little to do with reality. This cruel contradiction isolates the victim not only from society, but sometimes from his own family.

Paradoxically, the insane believes in his fantasies while the dissonant doesn’t. His personal, private convictions are denied when he writes, talks or debate with those who are right, those who confidentially think like him.
Our hypothetic dissonant asks for disclosure knowing that there is nothing to disclose. He describes the extraterrestrial visitors knowing that there are no ET visitors, or talks about alien bases in Mars or the Moon, knowing that there are not such bases. His life becomes a conscious, professional lie.

When the cognitive dissonance situation becomes unbearable, our “ET-Paranormal researcher” can go into insanity or into a total cynicism. The positive outcome would be a courageous give up and consequent recognition of what he already knows is the real world.

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