Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dr.Michael Salla's Skeptic Illusionism.

Dr. Michael Salla Skepticism and his Hypothetical World.

Dr. Michael Salla is not afraid of critics because this ex-academic lives in a perfectly organized hypothetical world called EXOPOLITICS.

Now this means also that Dr. Salla, one of the best organized UFO-ET experts, is in fact a skeptic.
For example: Salla writes something about comet Ison and its presumed escort of UFOs. And since he is intelligent enough, he uses question marks, so we get something like: IS COMET ISON ACCOMPANIED BY UFOS?. This is a very frequent practice for the Exopolitician who writes also what follows:

Again the question marks preserve Salla’s “objectivity “and keeps distance. Same happens when our expert in extraterrestrial diplomacy writes: ALIEN INTERVIEW VIDEO: HOAX OR REAL THING?
You see, the question marks protection is always there, but these are not Michael Salla’s only resource.
Years ago,  Salla tried his hand with the idea that Irak’s Invasion was in fact an operation to close a Stargate(sic.) existent in that middle eastern country. Dr. Salla writes:

“If there is a Stargate existing in Southern Iraq that will play a role in such a 'prophesied return of the gods', then it is most likely that clandestine government organizations that greatly influence or control the Bush administration, are aware of the existence and the role of this Stargate. Iraq's President Hussein is most likely also aware of such a Stargate's existence as might be inferred by his architectural projects intent on reviving the grandeur of early Mesopotamian civilizations, and cementing his place as the restorer of Iraq's past glory. (37) More significantly, his permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping, suggests that this may be the location of the Sumerian Stargate. This knowledge of a buried Stargate, may also be part of the reason why the German government has been publically opposed to a US preemptive war against Iraq. If in fact both the Hussein regime and the Bush administration believe that a Stargate lies buried in the sands of Southern Iraq, then there most likely exists a race to gain access to it and to control it. William Henry's thesis is that this is indeed the political underpinning of the continuing military conflict in Iraq. (38)”

My bold and underlined words show clearly the Dr. Salla’s style. He never says what he says. He suggests and his “sources” only suggest and consider the possibility of any event.
By the way in his new book: Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination.

Dr. Michael Salla gives us the usual lot of hypothetical factoids and pseudo-events.
Probably the book will sell, since there are always clients that love to go into the twilight zone of half truths, insinuations, crude nonsense and fiction sold as fact. 
Dr. Michael Salla created a hypothetical world based on EXOPOLITICS where people learn to practice diplomacy with non-existent extraterrestrial entities.

I am convinced that Dr. Michael Salla not only knows this perfectly well, but he is a skeptic on the closet.  In other words he is a good illusionist, the best, because he doesn't believe in his own tricks.

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