Friday, October 25, 2013

EXO-FANTASISTS and the death of the Extraterrestrial Myth.

Their biggest problem confronted by ET fantasists is to keep the extraterrestrial myth credible, and this is so simply because discredited ideas don’t sell.
It’s not easy to keep people believing that there is a cover up, and that the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence in our planet will happen soon.
It’s not easy to convince the believers once again that there are one hundred and fifty different ET civilizations visiting our world, as the exopolitician Alfred Webre says. (YES…150 different alien species..!)
Now, the game of credibility has certain rules: some exofantasists believe that the only way of keeping the big cover-up conspiracy credible is to make it bigger and bigger. On the contrary, other “experts” think that to keep people’s faith, the best thing to do is to renew the promise of the imminent disclosure day after day.
In the early years of the ETH, (extraterrestrial hypothesis,) the imaginary ETs were ready for an open contact in days or weeks. Since this contact never happened, some ufologist got the big idea: ETs were secretly in contact with the government..! The cover-up fiction was born.
However, it was also necessary to reproduce the idea of the imminent disclosure, so the UFO fans’  faith remained strong enough to make them buy UFO books and related paraphernalia.
But as we wrote before in this blog, time is the worst enemy, and the unfulfilled promise of a fast disclosure was not a solution.
Richard Dolan was bold enough to write a book about the world after disclosure as if he knew something about such imaginary post-disclosure world, and Dr. Michael Salla kept things going on through the use of question marks and a writing style that gives some impression of personal detachment from the massive nonsense.
The ufologists also seem to believe that the ET presence on our world can be kept alive if they associate it with the paranormal and the occult. This is why some of these self-proclaimed experts define themselves as UFO and Paranormal Researchers.
This alternative definition keeps an exit door open if time and the total absence of evidence kill the ET mythology.  
If this is so, our experts in Extraterrestrial Visitors will become occultists or conspiracy theorists or cosmic alchemists (you name it).
Remember the supreme rule of the nonsense industry: The show must go on…

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