Monday, October 7, 2013

Richard Dolan and "Dark Journalism."

As we all know, the dark cloud of the total crisis is over our heads, and there is nothing mysterious about the character of this situation.  In the post-industrial society, speculative, unproductive capitalism cannot survive. Change or chaos are the two possibilities.
In this toxic social atmosphere, time comes for the mythologists and prophets of doom. The old superstitions and the religious fundamentalism are brought back and gods, devils, archons, angels and similarly nonexistent entities become fashionable in the subcultures.
In the present times, the ufological fantasies blend with the biblical horrors and can be sold in a limited market.
Richard Dolan becomes a “dark journalist”. (This is a very important new definition and should be followed.)
The two thousand years old apocalyptic narrative combines with the imaginary technology of the nonexistent alien spacecrafts.
In the same website where President Obama is called a “terrorist”, Richard Dolan talks about the destruction of civilization. 
Also, these “dark journalists” inform us that churches are vandalized by Satanists, but the big feature is the usual nonsense which as religion, doesn’t require any kind of proof.
Remember dear brain-users that the show must go on.

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