Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ed Komarek, Exofantasists and FREEDOM OF SPEACH

Included here is my exchange of messages with the self proclaimed Exopolitician Ed Komarek. I thought that these messages teach us a lot about the UFO=ET myth and the mythologists methods.

"Exopolitician" Ed Komarek's message
"Hi James that UFO culture guy Tomas started stalking me on my wall spamming and insulting people. He started trashing me and others on my wall and so I blocked him. Then he created an alias to get back on my wall to cause more problems. I then blocked the alias and he tried another. I assume you are the same James Black I knew from years ago who got into it with Jack Sarfatti."

My answer.
"Hi Ed. Sorry but I don't know what are you talking about. If possible send me the messages which insult people. Of course I don't know who is Jack Sarfatti.
By the way, in Facebook as in any other site in the USA there is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Different opinions and polemics. Again let me see those "insults" and of course check if Tomas Scolarici was insulted previously. As you know well, UFO and Exofantasists just hate anyone who demands proofs. They seem to believe that they have the right to insult the "infidels" . After all they are fundamentalists and have the right to call us names. 
After all this is the price to pay when you are an adult playing childish games.
Friendly yours
James Black"

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