Sunday, November 3, 2013

EXO-mythologists and their interviews with "anonymous gentlemen"

Richard Dolan wrote in Facebook about a “productive discussion with several fellow researchers on the anonymous gentleman I interviewed recently, which has gone viral on YouTube.”
Those fellow researchers probably loved the idea, and very soon they will also find their own anonymous gentlemen or anonymous ladies for interviews.

Truth is that the idea is superb for several reasons. As we all know, the “extraterrestrials” are always a reference. There are not ETs but people talking or writing about ETs. ET civilizations visiting earth are always invisible. Researchers talk with researchers or anonymous sources or discredited charlatans but never, never with the “real thing”, the extraterrestrials.

The professional ufologists, of course, must keep the show going on. They need client, followers and true-believers ready to buy books or CDs or even galactic diplomacy lessons.
This task is not easy, because there is not a shred of evidence about these ET presences in our Earth or in any other place of the Universe. EXO-fantasists have only words, references, floating signifiers from a semiotic perspective; unreliable discredited “sources” and lots of imagination.

So, these interviews with anonymous ladies or gentlemen are a free source of improvisation and misinformation.

Mythologists have nothing better to give us than these anonymous interviews without any kind of objective value. 

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