Friday, November 15, 2013


UFO-ET fantasists just love the cover-up. Day after day, the professionals which make a living selling the fiction of the extraterrestrial civilizations present in our planet must take care of two things that are related.

The first one is to keep the people believing that a giant conspiracy keeps the secret of the extraterrestrial presence in our planet. This is not an easy task because these extraterrestrials, if they exist, are invisible. That makes the imaginary cover up the big friend of the EXO-fantasists.

For the experts in ET civilizations, the conspiracy between governments, scientific establishment and extraterrestrials is the last possibility to keep the ET myth alive; to keep the whole thing credible.
After 60 years of exo-mythology, nothing can do more for the fantasists than the imaginary cover up. This explains why they claim for the disclosure, knowing perfectly well that there cannot be disclosure because there is nothing to disclose.

But of course, time goes by, and the young and enthusiast researchers became older, and their kids grow and learn what dad is doing for living.  
Will dad tell them about the giant cover up? Does dad, the ufologist, want their kids to become UFO fans?

Honestly, these are very serious questions and we have no answers for these private matters. Besides, we will not go again into the serious problem of cognitive dissonance.

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