Friday, November 22, 2013

More about the so called UFO phenomenon. A polemic with Sam Maranto.

Very interesting our exchange with Sam Maranto, director of MUFON Illinois. He wrote in Facebook:

“ No Tomas, a good number of the cases I've worked on are not the result of imagination or boredom they appear to be genuine and unknown. What I do not ascribe too is knowing with certainty the point of origin or intent of "what was being observed".The human origin explanation is possible for only those of recent decades but surely not for all genuine accounts and clearly not throughout I time.Lastly, I prefer to speak for myself and to be quoted in complete relevant context, sadly that newspaper article in particular did neither, thank you. To assume there is nothing genuine to any of these accounts would be counter intuitive and not scientific. One could only ascribe to a such notion if they were deprived/devoid of ever objectively investigating even so much as a small sampling of qualitative data. There is always the possibility they may simply be inept or hell bent on perusing a less than forthright agenda one more in line with a predetermined deduction/outcome.”

I believe in what he says. I believe that instead of writing science fiction and selling it as fact, he does is into research. However we, (not me, all of us) need something more, some evidence about those “true UFOs that remain unidentified.”
I do not assume that there is nothing genuine in those sightings, Sam.
Personally in more than 40 years of research I never found a shred of evidence proving that those sightings were NOT natural or man made phenomena or artifacts.  You saw my books, and understand that I am not an outsider. I know perfectly well what we are talking about. I was writing nonsense about Extraterrestrials in the 70’s!!!
I WAS WRONG. I was wasting my time. There is NOTHING there. The whole UFO phenomenon is a creation of science fiction, human imagination, ignorance, pathology, hoaxes, commercialism and fantasies. (Perhaps also disinformation.)

However, Ufology  exists, and the investigation of the UFO subculture as a powerful human legend that survives in the minds of the some professionals and relatively few individuals who desperately those who want to believe.

After all those interviews, you recognize that some of those sightings “appear to be genuine and unknown. What I do not ascribe too is knowing with certainty the point of origin or intent of "what was being observed". These are your words Sam, and I agree with them. 

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