Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fwd: More From Ancient Aliens Debunked

We at Ancient Aliens Debunked have been busy producing more videos, articles, and podcasts that critically analyze  aspects of the "ancient astronaut theory" that we did not cover in the film Ancient Aliens Debunked.

Recent Videos:

Nuremburg 1561 UFO "Battle" Debunked 

The Age of the Sphinx? Colin Reader vs. Robert Schoch – Water Erosion? 

From the Blog:

The Nazca Astronaut Man / Owlman or Fisherman?

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The Antikythera Mechanism – Cool, But Not Alien

Don't Dropa the Stone: Dropa Stones Debunked

The Piri Reis Map

Phoenix Lights Explained & Debunked (video)

Yonaguni – The Underwater "Pyramid"

The Dogon/Sirius Mystery

Coral Castle Debunked

Manna Machine Debunked

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