Monday, November 11, 2013

Richard Dolan invents a clandestine terrestrial civilization.

First of all, the imaginary world of Richard Dolan is boring, because most of the time the self-proclaimed researcher talks about billions, and trillions of dollars that ( he says) belong to some kind of secret budget.
Who needs this money? Apparently the breakaway civilization, which is a parallel civilization enjoying the benefits of extraterrestrial technology, and unlimited capital.
The problem comes when Richard tells us that this money comes from money laundering, drugs, and some other illegal activities. These operations are performed by the official and also the clandestine Black Budget. Dolan tells us that there are two Black Budgets, one of them more clandestine that the other.
The second, secret civilization with alien technology is much more advanced that the civilization we know and live in, and with this sophisticated knowledge the breakaways will take care of a secret space program and who knows what else.
Dolan tells us that the extraterrestrials are here, but at the same time recognizes that these Unidentified Flying Objects belong to someone, perhaps to the breakaway civilization.
Richard Dolan Conspiracy keeps the presumed extraterrestrial visitors in the shadow, and generously the researcher admits that “they are different from us.”

Of course Richard doesn’t think it’s necessary to give his public any evidence of what he says, that’s why several times Dolan tells that all this is just what “I do think…” and comes from “my own assessment…”
Perhaps some individuals will mistake this complete fiction with facts. Those in doubt only need to ask for EVIDENCES; reliable and clear evidences, knowing of course that our researcher will give none. 
Nobody can give what he doesn’t have.

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