Saturday, November 16, 2013

Present and future of the UFO=EXTRATERRESTRIAL mythology.

In Ufology we have people talking and/or writing for other people about what they say they believe, or about what other individuals say about UFOs as Extraterrestrial crafts.
UFO fantasists talk, but also remain silent when any idea, or theory, or logical explanation contradicts their ideology.
For example, ufologists talk about sightings but never, never mention that 95 to 98 percent of these sightings are positively identified as astronomical phenomena (meteors, planets or bright stars low in the sky), atmospheric phenomena like clouds, lightning in all its forms, mirages, and
 Man made artifacts as aircraft, balloons, blimps, kites and a variety of psychological phenomena. Also, illusions and hoaxes constitute a small fraction of UFO reports.  
In other words, for the fantasists there are UFOs but no IFOs. The unidentified is never identified.

However, this absolute lack of reliable evidences about extraterrestrial civilizations in our planet is justified by another myth: the cover up; a big conspiracy which includes not only the government(s) but the whole scientific establishment. 

Since in Ufology nothing is new, fantasists keep pseudo-events like the presumed UFO crash in Roswell as dogmas that cannot be put in doubt. (The UFO crashed was just "weather balloon" belonging to the classified Project Mogul run by the US Air Force.)

In addition, for the exo-fantasists, there are no individuals with different ideas concerning UFOs. These skeptics are infidels, heretics, and all of them work for the giant cover up, of course. EXOS imagine a monumental black budget that pays for this imaginary army of psy-ops, disinformers, and provocateurs.

But you would be wrong if you think that the UFO-ET mythologists are unified by similar convictions. This is not so, because each one of the experts in alien (invisible) interstellar civilizations, accuse their own colleagues as provocateurs, psy-ops and disinformers.

This is so, because these fictions given as facts are totally contradictory. Each mythologist protects and proclaims his/her own creations as the universal truth. This is important because it shows that the exos are not talking about some objective reality but about their own imaginary worlds.

Of course, the cover up myth cannot keep the faith of the UFO-ET fans, so they need a promise. They need to believe that someday, there will be a disclosure and the Truth will be revealed, and we will see the Extraterrestrial Civilization in all its glory.  This is however the beginning of a religion, because the disclosure hope is something like the hope of a second coming of Christ.

The exo-fantasists need to convince the true-believers that there will be disclosure and even that this event will happen soon.  
The question: is this enough to keep the ET presence mythology alive? The answer is NO and because of this, some contactees sell books with the presumed message of the extraterrestrials which is of course a blend of New Age, Religion and “spiritual” advice. These contactees are already in the religious area. They care not about cover ups, disclosures of ET plans. They make a living selling these “cosmic messages” and that is all there is.

Those who sell the image of researchers will need new inventions to keep their clients interested. The rarified alternative is to blend the ET myth with occultism, paranoia, secret societies and the whole spectrum of Conspiracy theory. I think it’s not enough to keep the ET myth alive, because the classic image of the flying saucers landing in our world belongs to the science fiction of the 50’s and perhaps the 60’s.
Flying Saucers, ET civilizations and universal cover ups will become video-games or class B science fiction movies while EXO-fantasists look for a new job.

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