Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is Rational Ufology.

Since 2005 the Daily News has reported no less than 15 separate incidents.

The question must be asked - what are these strange lights and anomalies in our skies?

The usual answers range from military test flights, to weather balloons and natural phenomena.

And, of course, many people default to extraterrestrial visitors.

So we decided to put our questions to the Australian UFO Research Network co-director Robert Frola in the hope he could shed some light on the situation.

The respected research network was founded in 1998 and has worked with police, aviation authorities and many other credible organizations.

"Realistically, I'd say about 95-98% of UFO sightings that come to us have a satisfactory explanation as to what they are," Mr Frola said.

"People come to us and think the unidentified flying object they've seen must be a spacecraft but it could be as simple as a blur on the lens or a bug flying close to the camera.

"I mean, I have personally seen UFOs I can't put my finger on but realistically it's just a light in the sky unless proven otherwise."

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