Saturday, May 3, 2014


The UFO-ET-Conspiracy profiteers present the skeptics or those with different conceptions of the UFO phenomenon as individuals with dark agendas, psy-ops and disinformers. This attitude justifies some ethical considerations about Ufology.
 The purpose of the UFO industry like any other business is to SELL, am I right?
However some basic laws of commercial ethics rule that to sell something through lies is dishonest and even fraudulent.
If you advertise some aromatic water as a miraculous stain remover, you are a swindler and a crook.
There are of course many snake oil sellers, charlatans and “spiritual” healers. When money is involved, dishonesty and deception are obvious.
If an individual write books presenting fiction as fact, charlatans as reliable sources, proved hoaxes as real events, because she/he knows that all these factoids will sell more books. If the UFO profiteer remains silent about alternative perspectives and facts, he is dishonest.  
If he doesn’t inform to his potential reader that 95 to 96 percent of UFO sightings are identified as natural phenomena or man made artifacts, he is a liar. She or he is NOT telling the truth.
That’s why the UFO subculture is a trivial, infantile and dehumanized world. The backstabbing, the egos and the liars, the mass of insane nonsense, the “public figures” have often made a virtual laughing stock of anyone who innocently tries to tell the truth.

These words are about ETHICS. If you agree, SHARE and tell the truth about those who make a living selling lies, stupidities and paranoia.

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