Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Governments and the capitalist elite just LOVE the conspiracies and UFO-ET mythology, for the reason that these scarecrows keep people looking to the wrong side. Instead of fighting pollution they fight "Chemtrails”. Instead of worrying about weapons like drones and war and abuse, they care about "aliens". These are classic decoy maneuvers. "Look there so you do not see this" Pathetic right? But OBVIOUS.
They want hypnotized individuals following the inexistent danger so they do not fight the real one.
True-believers help a lot. They are afraid of the “paper-tiger” not the real. They are worried about the cover-up, not the fact that very few individuals and corporations have all the money while most live in poverty, need and hunger.
So, go outside and watch the sky. See those Chemtrailers? A big conspiracy indeed, but keep looking and perhaps you will see a UFO. 
All this will keep you entertained and free from real problems like pollution, hunger, wars, slavery, abuse, malnutrition, kids in the streets, poverty…you name it.

Forget about all that. Just go and watch the sky while your real world dies.
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