Saturday, May 24, 2014

UFO and Falling Stars.

This is not new, because in the UFO show, there are falling stars every day.
Some stars, let’s say some “public figures”, self proclaim experts in UFO-ET nothingness, UFO historians and cosmic alchemists do fall dawn.
All of these ET-disclosure-cover-up experts, insiders and self proclaimed contactees and conspiracy theorists have ONE BASIC PROBLEM: They need to convince their true-believers and followers that in the Ufology desert, where nothing happens, something is going on. This is not an easy task, so some exopoliticians , exofantasists and galactic commands play the game of the biggest lies, while others fool around some conspiracy political game with the same level of stupidity.
The most pathetic falling stars are those who wrote and published some UFO book believing that they were already in the big best-seller business. It happens that the second book is a complete failure and apparently without reason, the selling fiction-as-fact industry collapses.
As you know dear readers, this is a big problem because “money makes the world go ‘round” Without money, the whole UFO-ET-RELIGION-PSEUDO-SCIENCE mythos dies.
So, those who were so promising yesterday, those “public figures” and “recognized experts” are now finished and some of them are already in the streets, looking for a job. Can you believe this?

They will try to deny any serious involvement with UFOs, and imaginary ETs. They will not remember demanding the end of the cover-up and then, the disclosure. On the contrary they are serious professionals, church-goers and believers in the “American Way of Life.”
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