Friday, May 16, 2014


We should use more frequently the words IF and THEN. Let me give you an example.
IF an individual believes that some government is poisoning its own population (including the members of the administration,) in total impunity, THEN this same individual will eventually believe anything and everything. His/her credulity makes her/him a perfect instrument for darker government agendas.
Besides the true-believer is a possible danger. The same sources of disinformation can make him a killer.
IF someone believes that hundreds of thousands of those apparently normal individuals in the streets are disguised aliens, THEN she/he lives in a dangerous and nightmarish world in the limits of complete paranoia. This is dangerous indeed, not only for the believer but for the people.
Now, there are self proclaimed experts in UFO, conspiracy theory and the paranormal that give us the real poison; not Chemtrails or disguised aliens but paranoia.
Now the last (IF-THEN) game.

IF a writer knows perfectly well the dangers implied in his nonsense rhetoric, but keeps selling her/his snake-oil, THEN he is the real danger. Am I right?
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