Saturday, May 10, 2014

Richard Dolan, Eli Sadhanusari valuable exchange.

Richard Dolan posted in Facebook what follows:

“ I've lately been back in my periodic obsession with jazz music. This is America's true classical music, a representative of the truly great era of American civilization, in which Americans believed in themselves, believed in creating something worthwhile, and in which serious artists were creating something special for the world. There is no need to contrast their consummate artistry with the bulk of what we see today. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and so many others were artists of the highest caliber making magic. I invite you to watch this video -- is there anything COOLER than this? I would say ... not really.

Eli Sadhanusari shared this post and wrote what follows:

Richard Dolan, this is good. Find the EXIT as Tomas Scolarici wrote.
The powers that be WANT YOU TO REMAIN in the UFO-ET mythology. They want you to talk about disclosure and cover-up, the myths they planted, and not inequality, hunger, environment and war. They do not want you into Jazz, Social criticism or Noam Chomski. They do not want you to invite people to THINK.

I think that this “exchange” has an enormous value. Do you agree? Share if you do.
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