Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jacques Vallee's alternative mythos.

A rational approach to Ufology demands complete objectivity. That’s why we must consider every UFO hypothesis with the same attitude. The problem with the terrestrial but not human Jacques Vallee UFO hypothesis is basically this one: To change the ET ufonauts for alternative entities like fairies, djinns or time-travelers doesn’t help at all. It only changes the protagonists of the myth. I’m afraid that the ET visitors are as non-existent as the fairies, gnomes or demons.
If you are interested in Jacques Vallee UFO hypothesis, follow these links to Magonia Books Review archive:  
“One thing that annoys the more sensible neighbours of Paranoia Gulch USA is the visitors from afar who come gawp at their embarrassing relatives, yet forget that they have relatives of their own back in Paranoia Gulch Europe who they wouldn't want to have turned into tourist attractions. There is for example that nice Mr Creighton who, if I am not very much mistaken, believes that UFOs or their pilots are card-carrying communist djinns who go around stealing library books on flying saucers.”

“I'm being facetious and I must stop it. It strikes me that despite his often well-placed barbs against much of American ufology, Vallee is probably closer to it in most respects than to the really radical 'psychosocial' (for want of a better word) ufologist both in Europe and in the States. His only real disagreement with the ETHers is on the place of origin of the 'real phenomenon', and all his criticisms of the old time ETH apply with equal if not more force to theories involving alternative universes, fractal beings from the nth dimension, time travelers, or any other hypothesis involving a someone else from somewhere else.” READ MORE

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