Friday, May 30, 2014

Rational approach to Ufology

Here are some suggestions concerning Ufology which has little to do with UFOs but a lot to do with people talking and writing about these presumably existent entities.  Same thing happens with Theology that has nothing to do with a similarly hypothetical God but with people talking about him, her or it.
Rational Ufology analyzes what happens inside the UFO subculture which is a hundred percent human activity.
What can we learn from Ufology? Many things: basically the mechanisms of self-delusion; the fantasies of pseudo-science, pseudo-contacts and pseudo-information, and the maneuvers of the “art” of selling fiction as fact. (UFO Industry.)
We should always remember that the UFO phenomenon is a Myth; perhaps is the religion of the technological era. History shows us that humans create the gods they need for the justification of their actions.

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