Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Strategy of the UFO-ET profiteers

Winning time is probably the basic strategy of the UFO-ET profiteers. It is obvious that after more than 60 years of disclosure and contact promises, the UFO phenomenon remains unchanged.
However, the UFO market remains limited but stable. New generations discover the legend and buy books, believing that these will give them some fresh and valuable knowledge.
The UFO profiteers just write again and again the same book, a blend of unreliable sources, fiction presented as fact, anecdotic experiences, total lack of evidences and conspiracy theory.
These new-old books include always the prediction that something will happen soon, very soon. Open contact, disclosure and multiple smoking guns.
This tactic is not different that the one used by the preachers announcing the return of Christ in a little while.
All this is just winning time to maintain a clientele of believers-buyers.
There are different tactics that depend on the style of each mythologist. The original good cosmic brothers must now confront malignant foes. The flying saucers have different shapes and it is even possible to write books about these shapes. Military actions like Iraq invasion or Ukrainian secessionism can be explain by secret extraterrestrial activities.  Presidents visit to their dentist become secret meetings with Aliens. Some of these “UFO experts” insist that there are hundreds of different cosmic civilizations visiting our world.
Of course, the real nature of the State is not to protect a political-economical system but to keep the secret of the extraterrestrial presence: the cover-up.
The problem is that lies always create the need of new and bigger nonsense presented as “information”. In the UFO-ET Industry the big liars compete with the imaginary contactees and with the pseudo-scientists.
But wait a minute: who is the victim of this pathetic vaudeville?

The people are the victim. Fear and Hope and the true buyers of this ufological myth.
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