Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not so short history of the Cover up-Disclosure Myth.

Disclosure Project Hoax in detail. (lots of Evidences..!!!)

The "history" of the Disclosure Proyect designed by the UFOIndustry to keep the clients buying UFO books.

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, founded in 1977, is an early example at an attempt to force "disclosure".

This story makes me very sad and I wish it was not publicized. But it gives us a lesson about “deathbed confessions”. It also reveals how very desperate the UFO community is to provide “evidence” even when it is embarrassingly awful.

learn what the "experts" write about disclosure...

A Paradox
The UFO=ET mythology can only be sustained and kept alive through conspiracy theories, but many of the self proclaimed “experts” are trapped in an in circulum probando logical fallacy.

The UFO disclosure Myth ...can you believe that there are individuals who make a living selling this nonsense?

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