Monday, March 2, 2015

UFO subculture, mythology and broken promises.

Subcultures are defined as cultural groups with beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture. Ufology is a subculture in all it’s characteristics, and one of these is it’s closeness.
Those who criticize the classic UFO=ET belief system are condemned as disinformers, debunkers, psy-ops and government agents. The dogmas of the ufological mythology can be compared with those of dogmatic religions which cannot  be questioned and are based in faith and not in evidences.
However, there is a fundamental difference between religious systems and UFO subculture.
The last one is indeed a closed system but requires the promise of future openness. The self appointed experts must talk about future developments of the UFO phenomenon if they want to keep the faithful interested (buying books and paying for lectures)
One of these faked developments is the idea that the government  keeps the secret about the nature of the UFO phenomenon and the presence of the extraterrestrials in our planet. Once the cover-up conspiracy is accepted by the believers, the promise of a future disclosure deceives the faithful and  keeps him  in a state of permanent standby.
The “experts” are manufacturers of hope, but this situation of broken promises in the ufological closed system, demands the perpetual renovation of the nonsense rhetoric.
There is no disclosure, no ET cosmic show, and because of this, the mythologists create new fictions to fight the “nothing happens syndrome.”
In the UFO subculture fictions are sold as facts. Unbelievable fantasies have one and only one purpose: to keep the myth alive and the believers waiting for those events that will never happen.
Governments, media, Universities, Space agencies and the whole scientific and political establishment conspire. The fantasists present themselves as victims of a system designed to keep the presumed secret of the UFO-ET.
History is twisted, sources are invented, statistics are denied, disbelievers are condemned.
95 % of all the presumed UFO sightings are misinterpretations of natural phenomena and man made artifacts, but the “experts” never tell this simple truth to the believers (clients.)
Inevitably the UFO subculture becomes the “science” of charlatans, fantasists and show-men.
Pseudoscience, lies, conspiracy theory and unfulfilled prophecies are the substance of this third class vaudeville.  

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