Friday, March 20, 2015

UFO: 130.000 boring pages & the rules of the game.

 We can suggest what is the real message sent by the authorities through the declassified UFO documents. 
First of all, they give the UFO industry some material to play with, and this is important because they want the UFO myth to remain there, as a comfortable base of disinformation. They created the UFO legend and they want to keep it working. 
Of course, the rules of the game are unchanged: " UFO are neither a product of some alien intelligence, or any kind of threat to our security. " There is no evidence of any contact with extraterrestrial visitors. 
Basically, the government is telling the professionals of the UFO fantasy, cover up and disclosure that they can go on writing the same book again and again. 
Personally I hope that these documents and particularly pictures and graphics become viral, so we can see how infinitely boring all this is. 
There are no aliens, no disclosure, no secrets and more important, nothing have changed in sixty or more years, and of course never will change in the future. 
These documents are the disclosure. Under the veil of secrecy there is NOTHING. Nothing at all. 
There are no aliens, no breakaway civilizations, no conspiracy. 96 % of all presumed UFO sightings are perfectly normal phenomenon misidentified. The remaining 4 % weren't researched enough. 
Our planet is a small suburban world in a spiral galaxy, orbiting a common middle age star we call Sun. Is someone else there, in the infinite space? Don't worry about this. You will never know, and it's not important at all. We have enough to do in our little planet.
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