Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Watching in Awareness and Detachment.


The machinery of hate, envy, fear, lack of confidence and greed are at work in the New Age, spiritualism and UFO
subculture. This is perfectly normal in people who talk nonsense or proclaim "higher truths" without any kind of evidence.
The ufology I practice is a research in alienation. Is the anatomy of  pseudoscience, pseudo-spiritualism, pseudo-wisdom, lack of scruples, the industrialization of lies and fiction sold as fact. 
You should ask me what I put instead of that alienation, and if you do,I will tell you that the awareness is enough.
Watching the chaos has several wonderful properties, and one of these is detachment. To enjoy the pathetic show of an humanity condemned by it's own crimes, included those made in the name of all their non-existent gods. I will include these few words in UFOculture, and perhaps some of you will SEE WHAT I SEE. 
Be all happy and well.

Tomas Scolarici AKA James Black
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