Monday, March 30, 2015

Richard Dolan's old and new fictions. Comedy becomes vaudeville.

Richard Dolan new fantasies, which are also old ones, are now unlimited. This is frequent between professional ufologists.
Since there is nothing new to tell about UFO mythology, sooner or latter the self proclaimed experts need to review discredited stories or invent new nonsense given to the believers without any evidence of course. 
Soon, UFO experts trying to look serious are instead  lost in the rarified world of the UFO industry. Fictions ask for more fictions. The scrip must be rewritten . The presumed drama becomes comedy. The theater of the absurd becomes vaudeville. Suddenly  the "experts" stop telling their friends what they do for living. 
The link included is a good guide to Richard Dolan's last fictions and alternative history. Enjoy.
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