Wednesday, March 4, 2015

UFO Disclosure and the " Begging the Question" Fallacy

The dirty trick practiced for those who try to sell the cover-up conspiracy and demand disclosure is the classic tactic of the interrogator and it is a fallacy of presumption. For example the interrogator asks the prisoner the following question: “Did you use a kitchen knife to kill your wife? “ 

The question itself implies that it’s a fact that the individual is guilty. 
An argument is circular if its conclusion is among its premises, if it assumes (either explicitly or not) what it is trying to prove. Such arguments are said to beg the question. A circular argument fails as a proof because it will only be judged to be sound by those who already accept its conclusion.
Those who sell the cover-up and disclosure mythology, never assume the possibility that the cover-up conspiracy doesn't exist. On the contrary when they write about the disclosure, this is in fact a fallacious message to their clients. It is like telling them, “of course there is a cover up, I know it, so what remains to know is when they will tell us the truth about the extraterrestrial entities present in our planet.
This circular fallacy has at least two objectives. First to make the client that cover up is a fact, and second, charlatans present themselves as insiders, as individuals who know more than the rest. If people believe that these self proclaimed experts know more, then they will eventually buy books . (The same book written again and again, since nothing is new in the UFO subculture. Only new fantasies and fabrications)
Of course if they do know more, they can tell you secrets, things that you ignore. However, sooner or later, those who sell fictions as facts will need some other fallacy. The repetition of the disclosure promise is limited in its effects.
The whole UFO meme is affected by this Nothing Happens Syndrome. In the end, the concept of cover-up/ disclosure becomes meaningless and unconvincing.
The self-proclaimed “experts” know that what was amazing in the 50’s is boring trivia in the 21 Century.  
Paradoxically the presence of the ETs is always an absence and the game of Hyde and Seek is not for informed, intelligent adults. That is why some ufologists become conspiracy theorists and ghost hunters while others look for alternative jobs in the real world.

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