Tuesday, August 7, 2012

World One, World Two.

There are two worlds, and we live in one of these.
In World One, The Mars rover Curiosity has successfully landed on the surface of the red planet and will try to learn more about our cosmic neighbor.
Scientists want to know if any form of life ever existed there, and that means microscopic organisms. Since the 1960s, spacecraft have zipped past, orbited or landed on Mars in this quest. Two small NASA rovers that arrived in 2004 explored different craters and one is still functioning today.
In World Two however, there are colonies in Mars, giant animals, small ones and several forms of intelligent and semi-intelligent species, including humans.
In this world, Andy Basiago meets President Barack Obama when they were young people.  
Andy, the chrononaut, is easily teleported to Mars, so the whole NASA space adventure is absolutely unnecessary.
Alfred Webre, Andy Basiago, Laura Eisenhower and some other time-space-jumpers live in World Two.
I live in World One and do my best to stay here because this is the real world, after all.


Tomas Scolarici
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