Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Analyzing Mars mythology and Time-Travel nonsense.

Let me do some analysis of this nonsense concerning CIA,  Mars visits mythology, time travel lies and unbelievable degrees of nonsense.
The Alfred Webre-Andrew Basiago text reads:

“In this new interview Alfred Lambremont Webre and Andrew D. Basiago talk about the nature and implications of remote time sensing technology developed by the CIA, as well as the converging studies which seem to imply a DoD, CIA, and/or US Intelligence psyop flase flag operation involving the fabled “Nibiru” or planet X flyby scenario.”
Please pay close attention to this: Webre-Bassiago disinfo-texts, including images, written words and sound, the CIA is always named first.
Now, please let me suggest you something, and tell me if you think I’m right or wrong.
During my whole adult life, many decades of course, I thought that perhaps you can reveal CIA and other Intelligence agencies only if you have the big media with you, and/or the Congress.
In other words you should NOT believe that after you retire from a sensitive job in the government, you go back home and tell your wife that now you will write and publish about things learned inside your clearance included job.
No, let me suggest to you people, that things are not so easy.
Remember that Intelligence is always closely related with National Security, so things will never be so easy
If I am right, you will be able to talk so openly about presumed Intelligence-Security secrets, IF those secrets do not exist outside of your imagination, OR someone is into an authorized disinformation campaign.
Let me give you also my opinion:
No, probably there is no such disinfo campaign. Probably the whole thing is so ridiculous and absurd that in the Intelligence word the Basiago-Webre time-jump nonsense is just stupid enough to be self destructive.
Remember that your ideas are always welcome.

Tomas Scolarici

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