Friday, August 31, 2012

Those who know everything about Extraterrestrials.

We want to know about Extraterrestrials, ok? So, we look for the right people to tell us something about alien visitors. No…forget about NASA, astrophysicists and astronomers. How about some lawyers, sergeants and ex-psychotherapists condemned by abuse of female patients? How about contactees that read a couple of old New Age books? And don’t forget Laura, the Cosmic Alchemist, right?
Now we are in contact with individuals who know all about aliens. People who are challenging the monstrous conspiracy whose mission is to keep us ignorant about Life in Mars, giant Paleolithic animals in the red planet, human colonies, aboriginal Martians, and monuments older than the pyramids.
So, we read and pay attention to the Exo-scientists and time-jumpers and we learn from a judge, about galactic civilizations put our planet in quarantine because of our bad behavior. This gentleman knows all about Universal legislation. He doesn’t need telescopes, satellites, and programs like SETI. He just knows.
We are happy now and want to know more, so we go to Hawaii and learn from an Exopoliticians who learned everything in the Internet that manipulative extraterrestrials belong to the sinister military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. (Dolphins confirmed this.)
We want to read more about the Cosmic Visitors, and ask Richard, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth and female patients’ abuser, what he knows about the Extraterrestrials.
First he reads our energy to learn if we are disguised Cabal operatives.  If we are OK, the ex psychotherapist tells us that the Hawaiian and the Judge are disinformers, and that the Extraterrestrials belong to the Star Nations, and only want to save us from ourselves.
But how about visiting a doctor who will teach us to invoke interstellar crafts in the comfort of our living-room? This man is a full time disclosure activist..!
We bought his videos, we give money for his documental film, but we learned nothing at all about the ETs.
But all these experts have something in common. They have Universities that will give you a diploma of Galactic Diplomat. They also sell books and give lectures. (Money makes the world go round…)
Now what we learned from these experts in extraterrestrial life?
We learned that each one of the ET descriptions contradicts the others. Good old logic tells us that they know nothing about ETs, simply because the ET of DR. A has nothing to do with the Alien of Dr. B, and the Cosmic Visitor of Lawyer C.
They are not speaking about something factual, but about a product of their own imaginary world.
Our research failed: the Experts in Extraterrestrials know absolutely nothing about ETs.
In our Society of the Spectacle, the Show is more important than the real world. We don’t need the thing itself if we are hypnotized by the image of the thing. In the end, we cannot find the difference between representation and reality.

Tomas Scolarici
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