Friday, August 24, 2012


We can say that the Abrahamic Religions demonized the demons. The Greek term does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence. In fact, eudemonia means happiness and even benevolence.
The term first acquired its negative connotations in the Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Bible, which drew on the mythology of ancient Semitic religions.
Demonic activities were prioritized by institutional Christianity, because the Pauline version of the Christian faith needed an active Adversary (Satan,) to justify the brutal repression of dissidents, heretics and the remains of older forms of religion that were strong in peasant communities.
The gentle and inspiring demons of the Greeks became the fallen angels, whose function was multiple and always negative.
In some way, demons become also metaphors and the myth of possession was applied to insanity and illness.
We must not forget that in some way the rebel angels gave some kind of solution to the contradiction Evil in the world created by an infinitely benevolent God.
 In some way the idea of the Ufonauts as possible demons reproduces the same metaphoric concept.
Aliens-Demons become the responsible for this Evil World of us. They are secret manipulators, and we, humans, once more, are just innocent. The Aliens-Demons could be the next scapegoats.
Rational Ufology must follow this possible development. 

Lilith, a female Demon.
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