Sunday, August 5, 2012

ET absence: a deconstructive analysis.

The most extreme cases of ufological nonsense paradoxically show some logical, inevitable developments.

First of all, we must remember that the Extraterrestrial presence manifest itself in the absence.

Since the aliens, the cosmic visitors, the guardians, the invaders are never there, we have only words, draws, dubious pictures, signs.

What is a sign? It is a composed element. We have the signifier, a word, a draw that point to the other part of the sign: the signified, the idea.

However the sign is not the thing itself. The sign is the word "cat", the idea of a cat. In the world we will eventually find cats and these cats are the referent.

With the ETs, we have indeed those signs, but not the referent. The real ET are never there, are always absent. Please remember that the Unidentified Flying Objects are not the ETs. Are something that in a 6 % of the sightings, we cannot identify.

Those who promote the hypothesis UFO=ET, are forced to deny the truth.  The absence is the only fact but the Exo-fantasists have an agenda, a commercial or a promotional agenda, so they must create the Cover Up.  The Aliens are there, but the governments keep the secret of this presence. There is a massive, scientific, political, institutional conspiracy to deny the ET presence.

However, (and this is the logical development,) if this is true, the question is this: the Cover Up works only if the aliens themselves conspire with the government. If they remain invisible, they agree with the cover-up.

That is why sooner or later the invisible aliens become part of the conspiracy. So, the professional ufologists must create a military industrial extraterrestrial secret cabal. The conspiracy becomes massive.

The alternative is that the Aliens are good and nice but victimized by our authorities. These vulnerable ETs are downed and crash, or are captured or destroyed. They seem to weaker than us.

This option finds a provisory solution: a religious one. These poor little things are angels. We must fight for them and believe that they exist. They are sooooooo spiritual that their interstellar vehicles simply crash!

We must have Faith in contactees, self proclaimed ET Councilors and experts in pseudo-sciences based on the absence of ETs, like the so called Exopolitics.  

These disciplines will make you an expert in nothing, a professional in absentia.

Tomas Scolarici


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