Tuesday, August 7, 2012


White House denial of evidences concerning extraterrestrial presence on our planet or in any other place, brings back the discussion about the so called Cover-Up and the possibility of such thing.

Irrational ufologists affirm that several, even hundreds of extraterrestrial civilizations are present in our planet. They also tell us that the government(s) know about this presence and are in fact in contact or were contacted by those hypothetical extraterrestrials.

However the cover up is not limited to the government(s) but must include in the conspiracy, the whole scientific establishment.

In addition, the conspiracy theorists incorporate in the plot big companies and corporations who exploit alien technology given by the extraterrestrials or taken from them.

Now, we live in what the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo calls Transparent society: (The Transparent Society. Gianni Vattimo. ISBN: 978-0-7456-1047-4. Paperback. 129 pages. November 1992.)

Also, some analysts talk about the present times as the Information Era.

Is it possible for millions and millions of individuals and institutions to keep the secret of the extraterrestrial presence and existence?

I think that this is just impossible. Those millions cannot keep the suggested cover-up at all.

Besides, the conspiracy theorists cannot give any evidence of their ET hypothesis. The whole rhetoric of the ETH is a blend of pseudo-science, unproved statements and mysticism.

The aprioristic ETH rhetoric doesn't show facts or evidences.  In the worst cases is a mass of nonsense without any rational value.

Of course, the disclosure fans have the right to insist that there is a massive Cover up, but they cannot show any credible, authentic evidence to confirm that such a cover-up exists, or that the ET hypothesis is based on facts.

The ET hypothesis is a system of beliefs as religions are, and nothing more.

The UFO phenomenon, until now, is an unsolved mystery, and so it was for the Roman legions, the Chinese armies or the illiterate peasants, thousands of years ago.

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