Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disclosure: where are the "overwhelming evidences?"

Let us believe for a moment that some of the Exopoliticians and Cosmic Gurus have overwhelming evidences about the Extraterrestrial presence in our planet.  The Cover-up conspiracy theorists, also know the fact that Earth authorities are in contact with these ETs and are in possession of Alien advanced technology.
This is, with little differences, what the Disclosure advocates proclaim inside the world of the UFO subculture.
Some of these conspiracy theorists have a professional and academic background.
The question is this: what would you do if you have all that overwhelming evidence?
Of course you would make contact with the big media, right? You would meet with executives of Newspapers, TV channels and even legislators. This is more than obvious.
Logically the media would be more than interested in what you say you have: The overwhelming evidences of ETs visitors and contacts with the powers that be would become the news of the Century, perhaps the biggest information of our whole Human history.  
Now, let us consider two alternatives:
The first one is that there was not such meeting between Media executives and Disclosure advocates.
If this is true, obviously the Disclosure activists don’t have such overwhelming evidence at all.
The second alternative is that there was such meeting between Media executives and Disclosure advocates.
Since there was not a special programs and information about the ET presence in our planet, it’s rational to think that Disclosure activists didn’t have convincing evidences to show to the Media executives and publishers.
There is a third alternative that is not rational: the control of the authorities and scientific establishment over the media is absolute. Preventive censorship was applied.  
We know that this is impossible. The United States and other democratic nations have no such dictatorial control over the media at all. Nobody has such control in the democratic world, because such dictatorial power requires a soviet style repressive apparatus that simply doesn’t exist in USA.
Therefore, the Disclosure activists do not have such evidences at all.    
The overwhelming evidences of the ET presence on our planet are inexistent. 
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