Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ufology as an unwanted failure.

Let’s consider this: visualize a gentleman or a lady, perhaps with academic experience or someone well read and informed about this world in which we live.
One day, he or she finds with some reference about the UFO phenomenon.
Amazed, he does some Google research and makes contacts with the UFO subculture.
Here we have a clear illustration of this: Dr. Michael Emin Salla (September 25, 1958) is an international politics scholar who in 2001 became interested in the study of Ufology and subsequently embarked on a personal effort to disseminate his exopolitical beliefs and hypotheses via the mediums of the internet, UFO and News conferences and radio appearances.
Salla's most recent academic position was in Washington at American University, Center for Global Peace of the American University in Washington did not sanction his ufological research, and controversy led to Salla's dismissal from the university.
Salla subsequently moved to Hawaii and started his Exopolitics web site initially to display his scholarly work that was not allowed to be placed on his American University web site. He has also established the Exopolitics Institute that offers courses and a number of certificates, including one in Galactic Diplomacy that "provides both the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practice citizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs."
Now, apparently Salla thought that he was able to make a living with the UFO phenomenon, but let’s consider the possibility that after some time, he, like many others in similar situation found that he was wrong. The UFO, ET rhetoric repeats itself decade after decade. What looked like a new and promising idea is in fact old, and the total lack of evidences makes the whole thing a source of discredit.  
I don’t want to write about Dr. Salla, or any specific individual here. I just want to ask this question: What happens when the UFO phenomenon doesn’t give any opportunities to the new “expert”?
In most cases it’s impossible to go back to the academia. Years of discredit will make this return impossible.
The ufologist of exobiologist or exopolitician will find herself in a difficult situation. Either she/he recognizes that he was wrong or tries with the galaxy of memes. (Pseudo-science, faked whistleblowers, mystics, insane individuals, open charlatanism, abductions, dubious sightings, close encounters, UFO crashing and never, never a single concrete evidence.etc.)
  If our imaginary individual chooses to go into such a mess; he will be in a very social, psychological and economical situation. (I hope I am wrong.)
Tomas Scolarici


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