Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ufology and the Edward Snowden scandal.

I will not judge from a moral or political perspective the case of the whistleblower Edward Snowden but we can learn a few things about Ufology and conspiracies.
Basically the big secrets are just impossible in the world we live. If Snowden was able to create such a scandal about internal espionage, just imagine what would be the prospects of someone giving true, reliable, evident proofs of the extraterrestrial presence in our planet and the contact between these aliens and the authorities.

However, the exo-fantasists and mythologist are talking about the big cover-up for the last 60 years.
In all these decades they could not produce a single reliable whistleblower.
Of course, if the ET-government conspiracy and ET presence were real, a reliable whistleblower would never waste his time talking inside of the UFO subculture. He/she would just do what Edward Snowden did.
Media moguls and publishers would run to meet our imaginary whistleblower with very big checks in their hands.

What Rational Ufology can learn about the Snowden scandal is simple: IF there are no reliable ET-UFO whistleblowers, there are no extraterrestrials here.
Let me tell you this:  I am convinced that many of those who try to make a living with the UFO=ET conspiracy memes agree with this but of course, remain silent…they do not want to kill the market.
Tomas Scolarici
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