Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alfred Webre against Dr. Steven Greer. (serious accusations.)

This is not new because as you know,in exopolitics, war is permanent, and you can find in that rarefied scenario insults denounces, lies, nonsense, personal attacks but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, extraterrestrials, of course. Take a look at this please: Sirius documentary: Reported project financial improprieties and "Dead Man's Trigger" fabrication by Dr. Steven Greer undercut UFO/ET and New Energy mission Dr. Greer reportedly improperly “skimmed” project funds for personal real estate. Core insiders including Dr. Jan Bravo (portrayed as a supporter in Sirius) abandoned Dr. Greer prior to premiere. Some “in fear for their lives”. “Dead Man’s Trigger” touted by Dr. Greer at outset of documentary is 33 page document (PDF below) containing apparent fabricated accusations. By Alfred Lambremont Webre
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