Monday, June 24, 2013

MUFON guidelines about UFO sightings.

People who report a UFO are encouraged by MUFON to use the following guidelines: 1-Capture as many details as possible, including time and location of the sighting, and the distance and direction of the UFO. 2-Submitted photos or video footage should include details about the camera settings, model and lenses. 3-Be as descriptive as possible when describing UFO movements, such as whether the object was moving vertically or horizontally and if the object appeared to sway or shake. 4-UFO reports can be made online at 
An email notification will be sent, and “an investigator will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss your case,” according to the organization’s website. MUFON, whose self-described mission is “the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity,” was started in 1968, and Alabama MUFON is headquartered in Huntsville. For more information about Saturday’s meeting, contact A.C. Vernor at 256-217-0598 or Rich Hoffman, state director of MUFON, at
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