Saturday, June 1, 2013

Systematic denial of the Real World.

Tzvetan Todorov, the Franco-Bulgarian philosopher, wrote a book about fantastic literature from a structuralist perspective. ( Introduction à la littérature fantastique (1970), translated by Richard Howard as The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre in 1973.)
He defines the fantastic as being any event that happens in our world that seems to be supernatural. Upon the occurrence of the event, we must decide if the thing was an illusion or whether it is real and has actually taken place.
In the fantastic marvelous, - writes Todorov, -  the supernatural event that occurs has actually taken place and therefore the "laws of reality" have to be changed to explain the event.

In our perspective, the problem of the proponents of the UFO phenomenon as extraterrestrial presence in our planet are in a constant struggle to change those laws of reality.
If UFOs are alien space vehicles, and if it is true that some of those interstellar ships crashed in our planet, we should have find evidences of this extraterrestrial incidence.
However, after millennia of UFO sightings, the theorists of the ET crashes and landings cannot show a find in single piece of these hypothetical alien aircraft. The laws of reality remain untouched.
Instead, space travelers could indeed find in the Moon or in Mars clear evidence of our human artifacts.
So, the structure of the mythical Ufology is based in confusion and contradictions. The UFO phenomenon is untouchable, stable, detached and the idea of some extraterrestrial civilization wasting time without making contact with us is absurd.
The narrative changes constantly and the presumed aliens are invisible, sometimes angelic creatures or, on the contrary demonic entities.
Thing is that any contact closed or open between an advanced civilization and a less developed one always leaves clear traces. It’s absolutely impossible to keep such monumental event secret.
The price to pay for the systematic denial of reality and rationality is the rhetoric of the absurd, the contradiction, the irrationality and in the end obvious lies, fallacies and attacks ad hominem.

Tomas Scolarici 
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