Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is Rational Ufology?

For the Rational Ufologist, the UFO Phenomenon is an unsolved mystery, and because of this, Rational Ufology investigates the social, psychological and political impact of this phenomenon.
Paradoxically, that 5 % of Unidentified Flying Objects that remain unidentified has a secondary importance.  
The priority is given to the hypothesis about the origin and behavior of the UFO phenomenon, and also to the rational and logical interpretation of the mythology and pseudo-sciences created by the different interpretations of the enigma.
Contactees, self-proclaimed experts, mystics and improvised prophets give different ideas and versions of the phenomenon, but Rational Ufology demands evidences.
The interpretation of the UFO Phenomenon by the irrational ufologists is confused, contradictory and fallacious. There is talk, but no facts, and in many cases, we find a dishonest manipulation of hypothesis and pseudo events given as facts.
The Rational Ufologist is eclectic, but is also pragmatic and realist. He recognizes that the culture industry perpetually cheats its consumers with promises. The promissory note with its plots and staging, is endlessly prolonged; the promise is illusory: all that actually confirms is that the real point will never be reached, that the diner must be satisfied with the menu.”
In the rhetoric of the Cosmic Gurus we see this phenomenon in action. Nonsense replaces the real world and balloons are transformed into big ET spacecrafts. Contactees give us New Age talk as Extraterrestrial messages, ex rock musicians become Aliens and lawyers time travelers.
However all this must be considered and analyzed in Ufology. We must recognize the distorted impact of the UFO phenomenon in our society.
WE should understand the UFO subculture as spectacle, as the promise of a bad defined solution. The whole manipulation of the disclosure activism is not directed towards a solution of the UFO enigma.
 The important thing for these activists is to sell their statements and conspiratorial delusions.
 The society of the spectacle is also the world of the simulacrum. The picture is more important than the real thing, and even worst, contactees, and self proclaimed UFO experts try to make us believe that their rhetoric is the real thing.
That is why they deny Science but instead give us fairy tales as facts and fictions as real events.

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