Sunday, October 28, 2012

The big Why.

In the industry of Memes called Exopolitics, they don’t even try to make the thing believable.
Sample, the UFO war in Antarctica. They write the script without considering the geography and historical situation.
In Antartica, which is a continent, there is considerable human activity including multinational system of bases and tourism.
However, Dr. Salla describes a place as it was in the eighteen century..!
Of course, Salla is not an ignorant, so we should think that the error is not an error but a very specific aspect of the libretto.
Perhaps they try to contact only complete ignorant people? If this is so, why?
The alternative is that the script is deliberate non-sense because of disinformation needs.
This was good perhaps in 1946 in Roswell , when they tried to delude the soviets with a piece of aluminum paper.
We must also consider the possible manipulation of contradictory beliefs.
Last but not least, there must be a  strong motivation behind the tragedy of a professional and academic intellectual suicide.
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