Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something about Cosmic Experts.

Of course they are adults. Some of them are Doctors in…well, in things that have nothing to do with Astronomy or Astrophysics, but anyway they know a lot.
No, please do not ask for references because Dr X will tell you that Lawyer A is a paranoid schizophrenic, and Lawyer A will let you know that Dr X is a psyop and a disinformer and a misinformer.
However both, Dr X and Lawyer A sometimes agree. Both think that Mr. Z time-jumps are a childish narcissistic pathological self-delusion or even worst just a lie.
Judge Y is a very serious researcher, futurist, exopolitician and multiversal legislator. While NASA spends billions of dollars exploring Mars and Saturn, Judge Y let us know about cosmic civilizations legislation of the Universe.
Truth is that in recent times, Judge Y looks totally and absolutely devoted to the promotion of Lawyer A, the time-jumper and space-jumper who meet the young Obama in Mars.
And please remember that in Hawaii you can learn from the dolphins about your future and get your diploma of Galactic Diplomacy..!
By the way, there is another Doctor who teaches how to bring any extraterrestrial flying saucer to your living-room or even your kitchen.
Just remember two words that you will listen again and again: Quantum and Tesla. Do not try to invent a pseudo-science without including the word quantum and the name Tesla several times.
Bot if you are into the mysticism and New Age business, like a ladsy I know, try definitions like Cosmic Alchemist or Sophia, or even Gaia.  

Live long and prosper.
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