Friday, October 5, 2012

Bluebook, Grudge and Disinformation failures.

Of course the first name for Proyect Bluebook was proyect Grudge. 
Both were designed to DENY any UFO. In those years, the authorities and militarily were truly worried about the whole thing.
Also, there were persistent rumors about new soviet weaponry planted by soviet moles.
The disinformation  trick of Roswell was part of these worries. 
The thing went wrong and the aluminium foil with weird signs, turned into a balloon. 
What we must understand is that neither the aluminium foil nor the balloon had nothing to do with aliens or alien crafts.
Think that in those years, CIA was one year old and nobody know what was going on inside the Soviet Union.
All this was intensified by the massive defeat of the "invincible" Nazi Germany. Soviets show that they were able to build more and better tanks than the nazis.

Many that were near or knew people near the Rosswell failed disinformation, tried to make a couple of bucks talking nonsense, (and drinking a lot)
This is the sad, silly and true story of Roswell. 
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On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 10:08 AM, <> wrote:

early in this video, is an interview with a retired Air Force pilot who
got very near a flying saucer and got a very good look at it. When
he looked in the Blue Book report for his incident, it was not in there,
though he had filed a report and been debriefed about it.

This lends credence to the statements of "Condor" which comes right

So much for Project Blue Book.

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