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How to be rational in Ufology.

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I agree these weird angles need to be investigated. There has been
some excellent work done in this field, I will try to locate some 
and post links here.

Two things that got my attention, are Jacques Vallee "Messengers
of Deception" which discusses the UFO phenomenon not as the
thing in itself, but the effects it can have on people, on culture and
the presence of cults focussed on that and their possible use by
human elements.

Another was Picknett's "Stargate Conspiracy" which exposes "the
Nine" as a CIA psyop.

Then there is the odd death of a man who moved from normal UFO
investigation to involvement with the "Ra" channeling. Seems he
made the mistake of focussing on the negative side of the abduction
thing, which the channeled entity or demon or alien or human
pretender calling itself "Ra" didn't like. Next thing you know, the
asker of hard questions is dead.

Nancy Lieder was hearing allegedly from the zetas, by channeling
of course, and was among other things saying that Nibiru was going
to come raise hell with the inner solar system c. AD 2003, and it was
of course a no show.

The possibility exists that something might be about to break loose,
that involves asteroid and crustal displacement catastrophes, with
or without something large cycling in, or rogue one time passing through
the inner solar system. The Nemesis planet theory, that would involve
something never coming near, but coming close enough to the Kuyper
Belt to set up a billard ball effect destabilization of its comets and
asteroids that then upset orbits of the asteroid belt and NEOs would
do nicely also.

But the Leider or Lieder stuff and its failure only serves to make the
whole issue look ridiculous, and maximize the body count of the
unprepared if something DOES happen in the next few years.

What I think is that nothing these weirdo sources say should be
accepted as legitimate, rather, look at the potential effects of
believing it, who gains, and what are the connections of these
people doing the channeling or promoting?

One big thing, the cultivation of dreamy and semi trance states
makes one vulnerable to all kinds of deception. Whether psychic
or plain con man. This in itself can play to the purposes of the
New World Order and fascism with a friendly face crowd.

Someone pointed out a while back, that in the days of the contactees
all sorts of places were the alleged homeworlds of the aliens, except
the moon so most likely whoever is pulling what is probably based
on the moon.

Also, there seems to have been some correlation between saucer
crashes (also saucer sighting waves) and some positions of Mars and
the Earth relative to each other.

I don't know if the subject of underwater bases and underground
bases run by aliens has turned up on this egroup, but it is a theme
in the UFO material. Again, whether the aliens are really alien or not
is not the point, something is going on that involves flying craft 
going in
and out of water.

Richard Sauder has written two or three books on underground bases
which do not deal with alien allegations, but do show evidence for
their existence, incl. patents and photographs of tunneling devices.

Of interest in terms of what gets you killed, seems sudden death struck
Mac Tonnies after he wrote about Cryptoterrestrials and Ivan T. 
last book I think was about the possibility of an underwater 

Apparently someone doesn't like this sort of thing getting aired much.

The study of the goofy side should not be study to learn from it, or you
will get irrational, but study to learn what game is being played and 
and how to avoid it.

The behavior of Basiago and defenders with their fantasies and paranoia
are exactly part of this kind of thing.


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