Saturday, October 6, 2012


As we wrote before, private research organizations like M.U.F.O.N, coincide with the authorities in the fact that approximately 95% of the UFO sightings and detections become identified as natural elements of man-made artifacts.  So, 95 % of UFOs become IFOs. (Identified Flying Objects.)
The amazing thing is this: Irrational ufologists tell us every day about dozens if not hundreds of UFO sightings around the world.
Why are we talking about dishonesty? Simply because the self proclaimed researchers never tell to their followers how many of those UFO become identified after some research.
Why is this so? Because the snake oil sellers need believers, so they are lying by omission.  
Charlatans make a lot of noise about let’s say, several UFOs seen in New York. However, if those UFO become simple balloons from a party in a school of that city, nobody mentions the truth. Very few if any, have the courage to say: “Sorry, those UFOs were just birthday balloons. “
New information about other UFOs will do the complete deception. Believers will forget about New York Balloons.
Now if this is not dishonesty, please let me know what is.

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