Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomas Scolarici-NOT skeptic, NOT debunker.

Let me clarify this, if possible.
Skeptics and debunkers are OUTSIDE UFO culture. I am INSIDE.
This is what I think about UFO.

The UFO phenomenon is much more complex and challenging that what the "contactees" culture wants to make us believe.
The UFO phenomenon is not solved by the invention of trivial narratives that do not explain at all the characteristics of the phenomenon.
Those trivial narratives perhaps sell books but solve nothing.
The Skeptic or debunker writes: The UFO Phenomenon doesn't exist.
Tomas Scolarici (me) writes: The UFO Phenomenon not only is real. However class b science-fiction doesn't explain it at all.
We must get out of the Trivia and the New Age-Religious cliches to solve the mystery, if we want to KNOW more about the UFO phenomenon, and not to PLAY GAMES.

Tomas Scolarici

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