Sunday, February 27, 2011


Dear people, we have some big news in the Ufological world.
As you know, Dr. Salla, the naturalized Hawaiian was giving lessons on Galactic Diplomacy and giving Galactic Ambassador diplomas.
However, competence is the “soul” of the so called Free Market and now, Dr. Greer, mystic and bodybuilder, gave a new step, and his diplomas will show that you are not just a Galactic Diplomat but a Universal Diplomat.
(I know that the whole Universe is a big place, but for some people nothing is bigger than their own ambitions, or their own gullibility.)
But wait, there is more: Dr. Richard Boylan, (hot tub doc. for his friends) is organizing a Workshop in Pennsylvania, where he will present several extraterrestrials from distant planets, that only look as humans, says the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth.
Problem is: Are these Star Brothers and Sisters illegal aliens? Because is this is so, the “migra” will be there. (Immigration and Naturalization Service.)
If nothing happens, these ET entities are either just humans like you and me, or they have the Green Card and if this is so, well…that will bring  the “disclosure”.
(People must pay money for Extraterrestrial Workshop? Because if this is true, well, you know.)
But let’s not forget the spiritual side of all this: YES, the big news is that “ Exopolitics researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre will present an original hypothesis that integrates extraterrestrials and the human soul and is based on empirical data at the Science & Spirit conference in Barcelona, Spain. The Barcelona presentation will be in Spanish, and is entitled” “Extraterrestrials and the Soul”.
Based on extensive research findings in exopolitics, parapsychology, reincarnation studies, and hypnotic regression, Webre will postulate that an ecology of spiritual dimensions mirrors the parallel dimensions which science is now researching, and which include our known physical universe.  A community of intelligent, evolving souls is apparently created in the spiritual dimensions. “

Yes, I know that all this looks very “Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey”, but Alfred is talking about an HYPOTHESIS. After all, he is a Judge and knows a lot about the value of Evidences, right?
Will Judge Alfred Webre accept evidences based in “Exopolitics, parapsychology, reincarnation studies, and hypnotic regression?”Of course he won’t.  
But people, this is a game of Ego; money in some cases, control and manipulation, but never, never TRUTH.
Also remember this. We have just people TALKING AND WRITING about extraterrestrials but NEVER the extraterrestrials themselves.
And something more to finish this: Just four words that can demolish the whole monument of nonsense. These four words are: HOW DO YOU KNOW?
In TRUTH we Trust.
Be happy and well.
Tomas Scolarici

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