Monday, February 21, 2011

The false rhetoric of Urgency

The narratives of those who sell the idea of UFO as extraterrestrial visitors,  is always full of a dramatic, even hysterical rhetoric of urgency. The cosmic preachers try to force the believers to think that something new is happening now, or that we are in the vespers of the big revelation. Same is true when they talk about the Disclosure meme, as an event that inevitably will happen soon.

Both things are fictitious. The UFO Phenomenon changes only in the mind of the believers.
In fact we have enough evidences that UFO Phenomenon (Unidentified Dynamic Entities) is with us from the beginning of times. (See vid. Below)
More, this phenomenon doesn’t change. Has always the same characteristics.
There are no evidences of UFO crashes, real contactees or ET-government meetings kept in secrecy.
In my view, all these factoids are repeated and reinvented just to keep the UFO=ET meme alive.
New generations without researching experience, believe in what the EXO-Gurus tell them, but after some time they see the clear, obvious truth. That nothing happens. Nothing new. 

Tomas Scolarici

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