Friday, February 11, 2011


It's easy but you must go for the rules.

First rule: absolutely anything people see in the sky IS ALWAYS a Star-Craft. In other words, have always extraterrestrial origin. Now (this is important,) if someone says that the flying thing is just a balloon or a plane, or Venus, the individual in question is a CIA operative, a cabal, a psyop, a debunker, well, you name it, but be aggressive, hostile. Attack the individual. Remember that there are no persons who think differently, but only enemies.
Keep in mind that you are fighting against a monstrous conspiracy, a shadow government and the whole scientific establishment. They spend billions of dollars denying what you say about the ET in the Internet.

However, it's possible that the “star craft" (UFO) is a clear hoax, and the media gives details about this. (Jerusalem Post.)

In that case, it's better to remain silent or to go on talking about the Cosmic Brothers agenda, and keeping your believers hopeful and expectant.
Find some other sighting and write as if the Alien Landing or the Disclosure will happen in hours or days.
Remember this: you know more than "them”: (NASA Scientific establishment, governments, UN, etc. )
If someone asks how you learned so many things about the Cosmic Visitors, just smile, or tell him about your Close Encounter, or your telepathic communications with the ETs, or your visits to Mars Of course if the curious asks for evidences, attack him or her. (See above.)

Second Rule: Invent pseudo-events with big names like Galactic Exopolitical Multiversal Congress. Create the Galactic Diplomacy University. Remember that in the Internet things look always bigger.

A Couple of friends having a beer and talking about what John saw ten years ago while he was fishing, can become the Interdisciplinary Congress about the Extraterrestrial Quarantine imposed by one hundred different ET races to our planet.
Frequently use the word "quantum". It always sounds fine. Do some google on stars and put funny names to your Aliens, something like Betelgeusians, Rigelians, Aldebarians or Bereniceans. Forget about distances. Do not care if the planet of your aliens is a billion years light from our poor little Earth. Nobody will ask you how they came here. (If someone does, just smile and move your head.)

Of course read what other Cosmic Preachers are doing. Learn from Raelians, Exopoliticians, Councilors of Earth, channelers and contactees.
And have confidence in what you say: you will always go wrong but the true believers will have Faith in what you say again and again, even if it never happens.

Tomas Scolarici
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